Fire Truck Bed

I’ve decided it’s time to move Connor out of his crib and into a bed. You may be wondering why I didn’t do this before Logan was born. I had several reasons.

1.) I really thought Logan would be less than 3 months old when we moved. I figured I would want Logan in our room until then so he wouldn’t need the crib.
2.) I didn’t want to buy a toddler bed for Connor. I wanted to go straight to a twin size bed, seeing as he is a freakishly large two year old.
3.) I like the confinement the crib provides. Even though he is freakishly large, he has never ever tried to climb out of the crib, so I didn’t see the need to move him.

However, I started to think that maybe I did want to move Connor to a bed. For one thing, it’s not that great having Logan in our room. As soon as he’s sleeping longer at night I want to move him in with Connor. I also decided that I don’t want Connor to think he’s being kicked out of the only bed he’s ever known just so Logan can have it. And, I decided that it might be a little too much change to move to a totally different place and take Connor’s bed away from him. Because of space issues, I decided that a toddler bed was the way to go.

Last week I was at Baby Depot trying make a return. While I was waiting in line, my eyes fell upon this fire truck bed . I didn’t seriously considering buying it because I knew it would be too expensive. But I did think about how much Connor would love that bed. He absolutely loves fire trucks, or “fire bire bucks” as he often calls them. I left Baby Depot and didn’t give the fire truck bed any more thought.

Last night I was bored and playing around on the internet. I decided to peruse Craig’s List. For anyone who doesn’t know what Craig’s List is, it’s basically a classifieds site. I frequently look at the baby and child stuff that is for sale just to see if there is anything I can’t live without. I used to check it out almost every day, but it has been several months since I last looked. My pulse started to race a little bit when I saw “Fire Truck Toddler Bed” listed. My heart skipped a beat when I opened the link and saw the exact fire truck bed I had just seen at Baby Depot, but for half the price! With my fingers crossed, I emailed the seller to see if it was still available. I received a phone call this afternoon from the seller letting me know that it was in fact available. The ad didn’t say where the bed was located; it just said that she would deliver the bed. Although she had lots of interested buyers, we were her first choice because the bed is in storage in Pasadena. So tomorrow afternoon, a fire truck bed is going to be delivered to us.

I just love when things work out like this. I think it’s pretty cool that I checked Craig’s list on the very same day the bed was listed. I think it’s even cooler that in a region as huge a Los Angeles the bed is located less than ten minutes away. Not to mention that we are getting the bed for 50% off. I can’t wait to see Connor’s face when the fire truck bed gets here. Stay tuned for pictures tomorrow!

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