Logan’s Birth Video

Since I haven’t really had the time to scrapbook lately, I put together a little video of Logan’s birth.

Warning: This video contains actual footage of Logan being born. But don’t worry-it’s not a health video. My doctor wouldn’t wear the helmet cam.

Click here to see the video.

3 Replies to “Logan’s Birth Video”

  1. Amazing. What a cool video to have and share. He’s beautiful and I can’t wait to hold him and introduce him to Max. Yes, he’s yours Connor.

  2. Meg… amazing! What an amazing thing to share! Logan is so adorable! And Conner is too! What a sweet family you have! Oh, and girl… you made it look easy! I’m sure someday when I have a baby… if there’s a video it won’t look as pleasant as that! You are a brave, strong woman!

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