Forkin Watermelon

April 115.jpg Connor’s favorite fruit of the moment is watermelon. He asks for it constantly. He wants it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and any time in between. Sometimes he wants to eat “big watermelon” (a big slice) and sometimes he wants to eat “forkin watermelon”-cut up into pieces, in his star bowl, and eaten with a fork. Don’t you just love the vernacular of a two year old?

Connor has also been expressing his artistic side lately. He loves to color outside with his chalk and inside with his crayons. Today he decided to be artistic on our kitchen wall (Can you see the orange on the wall?) Cleaning crayon off the wall feels sort of like a parenting rite of passage. Thank goodness for Mr. Clean Magic Eraser!

April 098.jpg

Logan finally got to enjoy his first real bath yesterday. He had the most stubborn umbilical cord. At his doctor’s appointment they put some silver nitrate on it and voila- it finally came off. I, of course, pulled out the camera for the momentous occasion. 🙂
April 104.jpg

April 106.jpg

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