The Perfect Saturday

Derek and I have always had different ideas about what makes a perfect Saturday. Derek’s perfect Saturday would look something like this: Stay in bed until late. I say stay in bed and not sleep because Derek is the kind of person who loves to just stay in bed in that quasi-sleep/awake state. He might wake up at 9:00, but he would stay in bed and snooze until 10:00. Then he would want a good breakfast-perhapas waffles and bacon or maybe a breakfast burrito. He would then spend the rest of the day playing x-box, browsing the internet, or working on his computer projects. Dinner would be a good home cooked meal. He would crawl into bed sometime after midnight. The most important aspect of his perfect day is he wouldn’t go anywhere. To him, the best Saturdays are those spent entirely at home.

In the almost 10 years that I’ve known Derek, one thing is definately clear. We are opposites in just about every way. Perfect Saturday’s are no exception. My perfect Saturday would go something like this: I would wake up around 8:00 or 8:30 and immediately get out of bed. I hate staying in bed if I’m not sleeping. I would eat a good breakfast (preferably waffles) and drink some coffee while checking my email and the blogs I have become obessed with reading. After breakfast, it’s shower and get ready time. I would then spend some time shopping or just browsing around the mall, Target, or Kohl’s, and maybe a good scrapbook store. I would spend some time scrapbooking or browsing the internet. Dinner would be out at Chili’s, BJ’s or Chipotle. After dinner, I would watch a movie and scrapbook and head to bed around 10:00.

Of course, these perfect Saturday descriptions are the pre-kid descriptions. It’s highly unlikely that either one of us could have our old perfect Saturday. But, I think today was a pretty good mix of both our perfect days. After breakfast (which was just cereal, not waffles), Connor and I went to Target to shop while Derek stayed home with Logan. After lunch, Derek played X-Box Live for a few hours while I scrapbooked. After Connor’s nap, he and Derek went on a little 15 minute walk to look at the fire truks at the station down the street. When they came home, they had flowers for me. What a nice surprise! Derek said it was Happy Being You day. I certainly can’t complain about that. Connor spent the rest of the afternoon playing outside while Derek and I took turns keeping an eye on him. Dinner was leftovers, which makes Derek happy because he doesn’t have to go out anywhere and makes me happy because I don’t have to worry about cooking. After Connor goes to bed, Derek has an x-box live date set up with some friends and I’ve got my scrapping out, ready to be worked on some more. Today might just be my new perect Saturday.

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