The Gray Hair

Derek has gray hair. I looked over at him on the way to church this morning and saw it, glistening in the early morning sun. I resisted the urge to pull it out right that second. He was, afterall, driving. I once tried to pull out a superlong eyebrow while he was driving, and I learned my lesson-only pull out hair when the car is parked. Anyway, as soon as we got to church, I yanked it out and we inspected it. It was a big, fat, shiny, coarse gray hair. His very first. Is it the stress of looking for a job? Is it the stress of two kids? Is it the stress of living with me day in and day out? Or is he just getting old?

I just spent about 30 minutes looking around for a site that I remember playing with a long time ago. It’s a site where you can upload a photo of yourself and change your hair and makeup. I finally found it here. I wanted to upload a picture of Derek and make him have completely gray hair. But unfortunately, they only have women’s hairstyles and gray hair isn’t even an option (beacause, really, what woman wants gray hair.)

Have you ever wondered what Derek would look like as a woman with short red hair? Wonder no more!

What about fully made up with an afro?

Hmmm…this almost looks like hair he sported about 8 years ago. Yikes!

I hope Derek doesn’t kill me for posting this. But it’s just way too funny to pass up. I crack myself up!

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