We watched the Today show this morning, which is very unusal for us. Usually the tv is either off or on Noggin for Connor. I saw two interesting things this morning on Today.

First, this manKozo Haraguchi set a world record. He ran the 100 yard dash is just over 22 seconds. Not that fast until you consider that he is 95 years old!

thehourglass.jpg Then, right after that story, it cut to Matt and Al outside with none other than Mark Summers, the host of Double Dare! Oh, how I loved that show! I would have given anything to be on it. I was so jealous of the kids who got to do the obstacle course. And I always felt bad when they couldn’t find the flag among the dropping balls or slime. I knew if I just had the chance I would have smashed all Double Dare records and been the big winner.

I wish I could find Double Dare reruns on TV.

2 Replies to “Today”

  1. Mark Summers is, and always will be, the quintessential kids game show host. I loved Double Dare when I was a kid. Dare, Double Dare, Physical Challenge. How is trying to catch goop in the bucket strapped to your head while your partner throws balloons at you a “physical challenge”?

  2. Oh I LOVED Double Dare! I’ll never forget when I was little, Double Dare came to the Tarrant County Convention Center, so my family got tickets. We thought it was the actual show being broadcasted here for some special occasion. We were SO wrong. It was the lamest moment of my life. That assisstant woman with the 80’s hair, was the host. Mark Summers wasn’t even there! Then all they did was just pull a few people up on stage and like throw pies at their face. There wasn’t any fancy obstacle course with red flags! It was seriously the biggest disappointment of my life!

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