My iPod has totally changed the music world for me. Derek was worried that I wouldn’t use it very often, but he definately doesn’t have to worry about that. He joked awhile ago that he was going to have to start recording messages on it in order for me to hear him. I use it every single day at any chance I get.

I’ve quickly grown tired of my music collection. I’ve probably only bought like 10 cds in the past few years. But now with my iPod I’m becoming much more of a music person. I’m always on the lookout for new songs, new artists, and just good music. My music tastes have definately broadened since purchasing the iPod. I’ve always been a John Mayer/Jack Johnson/John Denver kind of gal (although I’m not sure that John Denver belongs in that group, he came to my mind along with JM and JJ). But now what I listen to ranges from Coldplay to Gwen Stefani to Jeremy Camp. I’ve discovered bands like Embrace, Jason Mraz, and Tegan and Sara. My most recent download was the Black Eyed Peas. They are totally rockin’ my music world right now. I can turn them on at any moment and be totally energized.

I need more songs! This is like an addiction. What’s your favorite song or band? What songs pump you up or tug at your heartstrings? Do you have a theme song for your life? Please recommend some to me! (And don’t worry Derek-I won’t go too crazy buying songs all at one time happy.gif)

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  1. Coldplay has been my CD addiction for about the past month and half, now it goes back and forth between that and the black eyed peas. Did you get the whole black eyed peas cd, or just songs? I love the whole cd SO much. If you haven’t experienced it all, I would suggest it. Embrace is next on my list. Have you tried Keane? They’re in my opinion, in the same category as Coldplay. Another great CD is the Garden State soundtrack. It’s magnificent!

  2. I know exactly how you feel. I love my ipod. I’ve got a little adapter for my car and a dash board mount, so I can listen to it on the way to and from work- love it love it love it.

    as far as songs go? hmmm….
    here are a few from my *faves of the moment playlist:
    One Thing-Amerie
    An Honest Mistake-The Bravery
    Hide and Seek-Imogen Heap
    Goodnight and Go-Imogen Heap
    Wait for You-Mint Royale
    These Words-Natasha Bedingfield
    Pon de Replay-Rihanna
    Rainy Monday-Shiny Toy Guns

    and you can never go wrong with a little No Doubt or Gwen 😉

  3. The newest CD that Joey and I discovered is Matchbook Romance. There are a few songs that are great on the cd, I will look to find the names of the songs for you. I want an Ipod so bad. Joey has one, but he uses it for “business” – evidently he downloads info on his hard drive on it!! (Yeah right!!) I just love your website! You keep me entertained!!

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