10 Years Ago

Ten years ago today, I was getting ready to go out on my very first real date. I was 15 years old and about to start my sophomore year of high school. I had met this guy on a church mission trip and I had the biggest crush on him. I had had crushes on guys before, but never like this. This was the kind where my knees turned to jello and I got nervous at just the mention of his name. The kind of crush where I remembered the first words he ever spoke to me (“Megan, you are the entertainment.”) I so vividly remember two of my best friends pulling me into the bathroom at a Chili’s to find out if I liked him. He was three years older than me and about to leave for college. I thought for sure he wasn’t really interested in me and just liked the attention I gave him. But after spending a week together on the mission trip and a week together at church camp as counselors, I guess he had really noticed me because he officially asked me on a date.

I remember what I wore. White shirt with a little bit of lacy trim, Gap jeans, and white sandals. I remember exactly what we did. We went to eat at Spaghetti Warehouse (lasagna for him, manicotti for me) and went to see the movie Nine Months. But I don’t remember anything about the movie because I was too nervous. I remember him taking my hand partway through the movie and my heart skipping a beat. I remember that endless drive back to my house. I was so nervous that he was going to kiss me…but also so nervous that he wouldn’t. Finally the moment of truth. We talked in the car for a long time. Talked about how he was leaving for college and how he didn’t want to have a long distance relationship. He told me he really liked me and hoped we would stay in touch. Then, just like a gentleman, he asked if he could kiss me. Of course I said yes. My heart was pounding, and my palms were sweaty as he leaned in…there is really nothing quite like the emotions surrounding that first kiss.

We went out one more time that summer of 1995. When he left for college we both thought that was it. Just a little summer romance. But then the phone calls started. And the letters. Then the weekend visits. And what started out as just a summer romance turned into so much more. My first love. My only love. 4 years and 4 months later I walked down the aisle to the man of my dreams, my biggest crush ever.

And 10 years is really just the beginning. I hope and pray that we have 50 more years that are even better than the first 10.

And so I leave you with this. Just a few of our most memorable pictures from our first years together. A few to note…the little one on the left (third one down) where Derek has a hat on is the very first picture we were ever in together, taken on the mission trip where we met. The bottom right one we took just moments after getting engaged in a tree. I can seriously remember the stories behind every single one of these pictures, but I won’t bore you with that right now!

love_collage copy.jpg

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  1. O, Meg I remember those days. I remember the excitement and the tears! I am so glad that Derek decided to go with short hair! Congrats on 10 years.

  2. What a great re-telling of your story! Like everyone else, I was shocked when Derek asked you out – and with the age difference, I was surprised your mother let you go!! As I’ve told you before, I was really pleased, though, because I had always thought you were a great kid. I had just envisioned you as a role model for Marla, not a girlfriend for Derek. I’m glad it worked out as you have been a great wife for Derek and a wonderful daughter-in-law for me. Love ya.

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