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I have decided that I like formatting this blog and changing up my banner almost as much as I like actually blogging. Whatever floats my boat, right!

Connor has picked up a couple of phrases from me. No, not freaking- although he did say that the other day. Not in context. Just over and over again. I just told him that wasn’t a very nice thing to say and I haven’t heard it since. (But inside I was really laughing…)Derek told me it would happen and sure enough, it did. I am much more careful to only say freaking when he’s asleep-although I certainly think there are worse things that a two year old could pick up.

Anyway, Connor has started to say “that’s weird, that’s cool, and that’s cute.” Most of the time he even gets in in context. For example the other day he built a wooden track and said “Mom, look! That’s cool.” Or when he and Derek found the phantom bunny on their walk the other day, he came in and said “mom, that’s weird.”

But sometimes he just doesn’t get it. He really likes to help and watch me change Logan’s diaper. Logan had a “big one” and Connor exclaims. “Wow! That’s cute.” I couldn’t help but laugh. But no matter what I said he insisted that it was cute.

Last night Derek went to bed before me which has maybe only happened 5 times in our entire marriage. I was just surfing around on the web, looking at blogs and such. Then I started using google to search for people’s blogs-people that I was friends with in high school that I haven’t seen in at least 5 years. I didn’t find anyone, but I did find my high school’s volleyball website. I got so nostalgic about high school. I get like that sometimes and Derek just thinks it’s weird. I would love to go back and play volleyball again. I just miss being a part of a team, being competitive, and being in great shape. Sure, I could get into good shape again, but it sure wouldn’t be as fun as when I was in shape from playing.

I didn’t really appreciate how fun high school was until I wasn’t there anymore. And I just think it’s so ironic that while I was in high school I just couldn’t wait to NOT be there anymore. But now looking back, it really was a lot of fun.

Of course, my life is fun now, just in a totally different way. I think the bottom line is I just wish I could play volleyball again. Man, I miss that sport.

So, since I can’t go back in time I will just keep up with how my old team is doing, think back fondly of my teenage years, and live vicariously through the people on MTV’s Laguna Beach.

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  1. that’s sooo sweet! I can’t wait till my connor says cool… he’s just in the repeating phase… which is funny on its own.

    High School? I liked it. that’s about it. no need to go back.

    but then again.. maybe I would like to. I WAS HOT back then.. and didn’t even know it! Man! I so could have used that to get my way:)

    I kid. But I’m funny!

  2. Laguna Beach makes me want to poke a bug bite on my knee with a stick, so that 6 days later my entire leg is swollen, my knee won’t bend, and is puking out infected, white puss. Oh wait… alread did that. But still, I am not the biggest fan of that show.

  3. Autumn is always saying things are cute and cool too. Lately, she has been on this kick where if Mike and I do not answer her the first time she says mommy or daddy then she starts saying “Honey” over and over agin really loud. Wonder where she got that from?! They are so cute at this age.

  4. I like your blog. Don’t know if I’ve ever actually mentioned that before. But in case I haven’t, I like your blog. And your family. And hearing about your family on your blog. -Ryan

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