The Fireman

All day today Connor has been referring to himself as “the fireman”. It is totally cracking me up.

“Mommy, tell Logan the fireman is putting up the ladder.” (said while playing with an electric and power company truck that he thinks is a firetruck.)
“Mommy, tell Logan the fireman is watching Dora.”
“Mommy, the fireman wants grilled cheese for lunch.”

He is a lover of all things firetrucks, and his fascination has grown even more since Pops took him to the firestation. Of course, being the tentative, cautious child that he is, he wouldn’t actually go in the station. He just wanted to stand outside and look. But the firemen still gave him a firehat that he wears while he’s at Nonny and Pop’s house. While we are at my parents house, he has a yellow construction hat that he wears and calls his fire hat.

The fireman has worm me out today, so I’m off to take a quick power nap before Cindi gets here for some good scrapbooking. These are two of my favorite things about coming home-power naps and scrapbooking. I love vacation!

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  1. That is so funny. I always laugh when he uses his imagination while playing. I’m glad that Connor is having a good time with his grandparents. Meg, hope you have some good scrapping time. Talk to you soon.

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