Proposal Memories and the Omni

My brother and one of his friends showed up last night out of the blue from Abilene. I absolutely love surprises and this was a really great one! Patrick, Noel (I don’t know how to put the accents on the e…but her name is Noelle, not Nole), and I decided to go to the Omni today. I *heart* the Omni. For those who don’t know what that is, it’s this huge, dome shaped movie theater. The picture is all around you and you feel like your right in the middle of the action. It’s the kind of thing where the motion makes you feel like your on a roller coaster. It’s a the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History and it’s a big elementary school frield trip spot. It’s just so fun and educational. We saw a movie about the Nile river. I now want to travel to Africa and raft down the Nile and see the people who live there. It was just really, really cool and inspiring.

After the movie, we drove past the Botanical Gardens. Something very speical happened there 6 years ago. Derek and I got engaged. This was just a normal picnic in the park, take a walk, pop the question kind of engagement. Derek climbed up a tree and had carved “Meg will U marry me”. We got engaged about 20 feet up in the air. I remember I was very suspicios of him on that day-he was just acting so weird. But I certainly did not expect to climb up a tree and see a proposal! The funny thing is I didn’t notice it for the longest time. I think Derek was getting nervous that we would climb down without me even noticing. When I did finally notice, I didn’t even realize that it was for me at first. I just thought “awww…that is so cute!” Then after a few more seconds I realized that it was a fresh carving and that I was Meg!

So, of course since we were right there I wanted to go climb our tree.
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My brother took some good pictures of it, but of course I forgot to download them before he left. So this is the best I can do today. The white arrow is pointing to a heart with our initials carved in it (something we did around 1996, I believe). Just above that is the proposal. Such fun memories. I married such a sweetheart!

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  1. Oh that’s really sweet. I LOVE the Botanic Gardens. I also LOVE the Omni. My favorite Omni show so far is Pulse, it was done by the people that make Stomp. It was incredible. I’ve seen it three times, I’ve cried tears of joy each time because the music and motions were just so awesome.

    I came home this weekend for Maggie’s shower. She was telling me about y’all coming down here to check out things for the move. I didn’t realize that y’all went to Pleasant Ridge (or used to). I’ve been there MANY a times. My aunt and uncle are really involved in the missions department at that church.

  2. Roomate – I need you to call me because I have the wrong cell phone number saved for you in my phone – it is for some man…named Tom. Sorry to post this on your blog but what better way to reach you!!!

  3. Hi Megan! I had so much fun with you, Connor, and Logan this weekend. I appreciate and admire you so much and I’m really glad we got to raft down the Nile together and climb love trees. God has used you in my life and I am very thankful.

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