I both love and hate coming home from vacation. Here is a breakdown of my love/hate relationship about coming home:

  • I hate unpacking.
  • I hate that even though I cleaned my house before we left it needs to be cleaned again because of the blanket of cat hair and California smut covering everything.
  • I hate that there is absolutely no food in the house so the first thing I have to do is go to the grocery store.
  • I hate looking at three weeks worth of junk mail.
  • I hate the general busyness that consumes the first few days home.

Now for what I love:

  • I love sleeping in my own bed again.
  • I love that Connor has so much fun playing with all his toys again-he’s really easy the first few days home because he just plays.
  • I love that both boys get back on their routine and naps and bedtime become easy again.
  • I love seeing my friends again.
  • I love seeing if any exciting mail came while I was gone.
  • I love the cool Cali temperatures-we are actually wearing pants!
  • I love catching up on all my shows that I tivoed while gone.
  • As great as it is visiting family, I am always happy to just be with my wonderful husband and kids.

So, all in all, it was a wonderful trip but I am happy to be home.

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