I’m quirky

I think it’s been far too long since I did a post only about myself. So, here are just a few random facts about me…

-I contantly touch my face. I catch myself all the time picking at my lips, pulling on my ears, or picking at my zits when I have them (like right now-yuck!)
-For some reason, I always wait until I am literally about to pee my pants before I go to the bathroom. I’m like a little kid. I just hate to stop whatever I’m doing right that second.
-I have a dimple in one of my earlobes. People ask me all the time if it’s another piercing. It makes a little triangle between my two ear piercings.
-I hate the way clutter looks, but I also hate cleaning up clutter. See the problem? I’m hoping when we move to get the clutter problem under control. I think part of the problem is 4 people living in 800 sq. feet.
-I love grocery shopping. Especailly at Trader Joes. And I love shopping with coupons at the regular grocery store.
-I can’t go to bed at night unless I clean up the kitchen. I hate dirty counters.
-I can’t sleep with the closet door wide open. This is mostly because it doesn’t leave much space between it and the bed. And I might walk into it during the night.
-One of my favorite sandwiches is cream cheese and green olives.
-I eat the same thing for breakfast every morning (in spurts-it’s been oatmeal for about the past month) but I can’t stand to eat the same thing for lunch and dinner two days in a row.
-Whenever my nose is stopped up, I like to stick a kleenex up there and leave it there. For some reason that feels really good.

That’s all I can think of right now, although I am sure there are many, many more.

On a totally different note, I did a little bit of scrapping this weekend. I’m pretty happy with how both of them turned out, so I thought they needed a place on my blog.

Our little Logie B.
scrapbook 148.jpg

And, probably the most disgusting picture I’ve ever seen of Connor. Nice snot rocket, kid!
scrapbook 149.jpg

5 Replies to “I’m quirky”

  1. Those are really cute scrap pages. I am sure I could think of some really quirky things about you. I will ponder that thought tonight. Also the clutter thing, I hate it too, but it follows me everywhere. When you move to a bigger house you will wonder how it ever fit in you house now.

  2. When Maggie and I lived at OC we had a 500 square foot apartment. We always thought that when we got a house it would be so much more room that it would be a piece of cake to keep clean. When we moved into our house we were so excited because we hardly filled up any room in the house. Now, it’s packed to the gills with clutter. I predict the same for the Thurman clan.

  3. I sooOOoooo love those pages you just did! 🙂 I love reading and getting to know you ore too! You are too fun! I too clean my kitchen counters before bed. love trader Joes…practically pee my pants daily because I hate taking the time to go…I love to grocery shop!! xx :lvoes,

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