Rite of Passage

There are many great rites of passage in our lives. First kiss, first roller coaster, first love, first concert, first time staying home alone, etc. Yesterday, Connor had a rite of passage-at least in my book. Derek went hiking really early with one of his friends. When he got home we decided that a breakfast out at IHOP was just what we needed to get the weekend started. Connor sat down with his kids menu and told me he wanted pancakes. After a few more minutes changed his mind. He wanted the face pancake. The face pancake…the childhood rite of passage…the chocolate chip pancake with the whipped cream smiley face and cherry eyes. I couldn’t have been more proud. This is what I ALWAYS ate at IHOP as a kid. I have so many memories of eating the funny face pancake with my dad. It was so special to practically eat dessert for breakfast. I was so disappointed in myself for not bringing my camera with me to capture this moment. Connor loved the cherries, loved the whipped cream, and loved the chocolate chips. But he didn’t love the actual pancake as much as he loved my eggs and regular pancakes. I don’t know if he will order it again, but I am happy that at least one time he got to experience my favorite childhood ihop breakfast.

After breakfast, Derek headed into work and it was just the boys and I for the afternoon. We decided to go on a walk down to Caltech to play for awhile and walk home with Derek. Connor loves the campus. There are fish, frogs, turtles, and crayfish in the many ponds. There are trees to climb, walls to jump off of, and grass to run on. It’s a great place and it was a wonderful way to spend a beautiful afternoon. I feel the need to soak up every pretty thing out here since our time left is so short. I did remember to bring my camera to Caltech and here are a few highlights of our afternnon.

Logan discovered the leaves of fall.
October 101.jpg

A spontaneous moment of brotherly love…not Connor putting Logan in a full nelson like Derek thinks.
October 099.jpg

Jumping is one of Connor’s greatest livlihoods.
October 084.jpg

My little explorer
October 110.jpg

“Connor, can I see your eyes just one time, please?”
October 106.jpg

Check out those jowls!
October 094.jpg

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  1. I loved these pictures! Connor is getting so big. He doesn’t look like a toddler anymore – definitely a big boy having fun in the outdoors! And those cheeks on Logan – I just have this urge to grab him and kiss those chubby cheeks.

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