My little monkey

Logan has been getting around the house for about a month now, but in the past few weeks he has just gotten really effecient and really quick. I find him in all sorts of places, chewing on all sorts of things. One of his favorite places to climb is underneath the exersaucer. Unlike Connor, he hates to actually play in the thing. He just likes to play under it.

October 172.jpg

Today I was in the kitchen cleaning up the lunch mess when I heard a little grunt from the living room. I went in there and found Logan trying to get under the exersaucer again. Only this time he wanted to challenge himself. See the white bar to the left that looks like an A? He climbed over that into his favorite place. Everyone enjoys a good challenge and Logan is no exception. See how proud he looks?

October 177.jpg

I’m not ready for this. I thought I had months before he would be mobile. Connor didn’t even show an interest in moving until he was over 10 months old, so I thought I had time still. I can tell that Logan is definitely going to keep me on my toes!

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