Rainin’ in the bathtub

Good thing the apartment below us is empty right now. Water may very well be dripping from their ceiling, or at the very least a large wet spot may have appeared thanks to our very own Connor James.

He was having a great time in the tub tonight. My mom and I were in the kitchen finishing up making dinner. We were chuckling about his singing and talking. After about 20 minutes my mom went back to get him out of the tub and ready for bed. All of the sudden she comes running down the hall frantically saying something about water and the bathroom floor. I go back, just expecting a small puddle. Oh no, there was nothing small about this puddle! Half of the bathroom was covered with at least a good half inch of water. I quickly removed Connor from the tub and he stood shivering in the hall watching my mom mop up the water and me quickly soak four bath towels.

I started asking him questions about how so much water ended up on the floor. I hadn’t heard excessive splashing. He starts talking about rain from the green sponge that went into the cup. Translation:he was dripping water from my green poof into a plastic cup like rain. I figured he must have been doing that over the side. Nope, he said. He was pouring the rain water into the hole. Translation: he was dumping the full cups of water into the toilet (which is right next to the tub). The only problem is the toilet lid was closed so all that water was just going onto the floor. What a mess!

Luckily my mom was here so the mess was thouroughly cleaned up. My mom is good like that. And Connor and I have had a long discussion about where water stays while we bathe, so hopefully this will the last flood that isn’t related to mother nature.

There’s never a dull moment with Connor around!

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  1. ROFL!!! You described this story perfectly…I can see you and your Mom handling this situation ankle deep in bath water! Thanks for sharing your fun “mommy moment”!

  2. Boys and baths!! Chase is a maniac in the bath. And Mackenzie is so over me because I still have them bathe together and she cannot stand Chase during bath time! Really she cant stand him most of the time – but especially then. If it makes you feel better, I think that I have rain in my bedroom right now too – It is raining here and we have not gotten our roof fixed yet…oops.

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