So Excited!!

I know I should probably let Derek’s birthday entry take center stage on my blog for the whole day, but I am just too excited and had to share this!

scrapbook 148.jpg

I entered this layout in a contest at this great scrapbooking website, In a Blink of an Eye. I found out today that I won first place in the contest! I am so excited and can’t believe it! There were so many great entries. My prize is $150 worth of scrapbooking stuff. Can’t complain about that!

Happy Birthday, Derelichte!

I figured I needed to do a little shout out to my wonderful hubby today. Happy 29th birthday!

This is the 10th birthday I have helped Derek celebrate. The year he turned 19 we had just started dating. I had a huge conflict about his birthday that year. Do I get him a present? How big or how small? I want him to know I like him, but I don’t want to do too much…it was a real conflict. I ended up getting him a Star Trek mug…I went with the funny route. For some reason I thought that he liked Star Trek because I overheard him talking to a kid at camp about Star Trek. I found this big, fatty mug and thought it was perfect. Kind of funny, but practical all at the same time. Turns out that he wasn’t a Trekkie at all, so that made it even funnier. We were pretty sad a few years ago when the mug met it’s demise. An unfortunate slip and, smash…it was gone.

I don’t remember what I got Derek most other years. But I will always remember that mug. And, I will probably remember this year, too. Derek is getting a black 4 gig iPod Nano. This has turned out to be the holy grail of items right now! I can’t find one anywhere! The kids and I headed to the Apple Store yesterday (which was an adventure in itself involving a parking spot on the roof, a broken elevator, a stroller, and 5 flights of stairs…) Anyway, they were sold out, Best Buy is sold out, and Fry’s in Texas and here is sold out. What a mook! I suppose this buying adventure will make it all the sweeter when Derek finally holds his “impossibly small” birthday gift in his hands.

So, in conclusion, happy birthday my sweet Derelichte! (and if any of you haven’t seen Zoolander go rent it now!) I hope you aren’t too disappointed that your present is late. It will be worth the wait!