Almost up and running

Okay, all my faithful blog reader. Our new website,, is almost up and running! In the next day or two when you come to this page you will just get a redirect message. So bookmark the new site, memorize it, whatever!

I really do have some things I want to blog about but I am just tired. I told Derek tonight I am done. Done with everyone being sick. The boys and I have been fighting a cold for a week…which means that one or both of the kids are waking up several times a night. I’m done with Derek working so much. I’m done with our little apartment and old dirty carpet and noisy neighbors. I am just done. There is so much to do but i just don’t have the desire or the energy to do any of it. At least the movers will be doing all the packing so I don’t have to worry about that.

So I have about a million and one projects that I want to do in the next 3 weeks. Did I do any of them today? No. I played around on photoshop. Well, and chased Connor and Logan around but that’s beside the point. Here are a couple of the pictures I edited today.

October 057_1.jpg

November 033_1.jpg

October 195_2.jpg

Oh, and for something really funny, check out my brother’s blog. It’s the post titled “Praise God for the Centennial Campaign.” He made me laugh out loud today and hopefully you will too.

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  1. I’ve had many a “done” day too!! My best advice, that yes…I don’t really follow, is to take care of yourself. Allow yourself some rest/play and then you’ll be energized to tackle the list with energy. If you try to do it when you’re at that mentally/physically exausted stage it won’t get done fast or right. Just my opinion!
    BTW…I love the photos, especially the first one where you can see the dirt that Connor is playing with filling the air! Cool!

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