Happy Thanksgiving Dinner

Low key….laid back…mellow…that was our Thanksgiving this year and it was really great. With the move happening next week it just didn’t make sense to go home and see all our family so it was just the 4 of us. There was one other year when we didn’t go home and I cooked the whole Thanksgiving shabang. But this year, with the way our lives have been the past two months, I just didn’t want the stress of cooking and cleaning all day. So I purchased a box of stuffing, a can of black olives (a Thanksgiving day staple in my family), a can of cranberry sauce, a bottle of wine, a frozen apple pie, and vanilla ice cream. I think i spent a total of twenty minutes preparing for Thanksgiving, and that includes cleaning off the table and setting it. It was perfect.

While I did the minimal effort cooking, I sent to Derek to Boston Market for the rest of the Thanksgiving dinner. An hour and half later, he returned with the last bit of turkey they had available. Literally, the man behind D in line ordered and was told they were sold out of turkey. Praise God, we got turkey! I guess we aren’t the only ones doing a no-cook Thanksgiving dinner so Boston Market was packed.

Dinner was good. Not as wonderful as our family’s Thankgiving dinners, but good nonetheless. And so low key. I loved it. I scrapbooked some today, watched a little tv, played with the boys, and just had a great day. In the past 2 months, this is only the third day that Derek hasn’t gone into work. It was so wonderful having him home all day long (well, minus the Boston Market excursion.)

Tonight Connor told us that he wanted to eat happy Thanksgiving dinner again and have apple pie and ice cream. I love that he called it happy Thanksgiving dinner. He says the cutest stuff now!

And no Thanksgiving day post would be complete without a list of the things I am most thankful for…

-My boys. I can’t imagine my life without Derek, Connor, and Logan. They are such a blessing and a joy. Derek is endlessly patient with me, Connor just cracks me up, and Logan is so stinkin’ sweet. I am so lucky.
-The next chapter in our life. Going back to Texas feels like going home. I am so thankful that Derek has a great job waiting for him and I am excited about what the future holds for us.
-My wonderful friends. My heart is filled with love for my friends, both old and new.
-My family. My mom who I talk to almost every day, and my step-dad who has always provided so much for us. My sister who is one of my best friends, and my step-sister who just feels like sister. My two brothers who make me laugh and make me think. My dad, my in-laws, everyone. We have a wonderful, supportive extended family and for that I am blessed.
-We are all healthy. We have a clothes, a roof over our head, and fun stuff to boot. I know that these are things that I often take for granted.

I know that there are tons more things that I am thankful for but it is now midnight and way past my bedtime. Happy Thanksgiving, y’all! (I’m practing my Texas talk…)

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  1. I’m so glad ya’ll had a happy thanksgiving (dinner)!! As much as I enjoyed cooking, I’m kind of Jealous of how simple your day was!! Have a great weekend!

  2. Awww…you made me cry again! Man there must be something wrong with my hormones!! We missed you here, but I’m glad you had a great day with your boys! I am counting the days until our scrapbooking festivities will begin! 🙂

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