D Day

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Today was Derek’s big day. Six years of hard work all boiled down into an hour long thesis defense. I am so proud of him! He still has a few final touches to do in the next few days, but he is really this close to being Dr. Derek. I attended his defense today and let’s just say that I significanly brought down the IQ level in that room. I had absolutely no idea what Derek was talking about most of the time. But I sure thought he looked good in his suit! My thoughts during his defense ranged from “wow, my husband is smart!” to “wow, my husband is hot!I tried my hardest to understand what he was saying, but mosly I sat there admiring him like a student with a crush on a professor.

But seriously, I think that’s okay. Because I would venture to say that most people don’t know a lick about “Molecular Aspects of Flow-Induced Crystallization of Polypropylene”. Yes, that is the title of his thesis.

So it’s almost over for real. The movers are coming to pack us up tomorrow morning, and they will be here to load the van Thursday morning. Then we will go stay with some of our good friends for one last pow wow, we’ll have a going away party Saturday night, and we’re gone for good on Sunday morning.

I made a scrapbook page on Sunday about moving. I actually scrapped a lot this weekend becuse Derek took 3 whole days off. Here’s my favorites that I scrapped this weekend.

scrapbook 166.jpg

scrapbook 162.jpg

scrapbook 164.jpg

I better get off this computer and get to work. I’ve got to get together all those little things that I don’t want the movers to pack tomorrow. And I need to get to bed. I’ve been staying up way to late and it’s totally catching up with me.

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  1. Roomate- that picture of you is really pretty! I am so proud of you and Derek – I can remember the week before you moved away to California and how devistated that I was for my best friend to be so far away and you to be alone (despite Derek) during such a crucial time of your life – but you did it…you guys worked so hard and made a lot of sacrifices for your family and now you have a whole new segment ahead of you. How exciting! I love you so much and I am so happy that we are just a few hours away from each other in just a few days! Enjoy your move – hopefully it will be one of your last…until you move to Flower Mound of course! :0)

  2. I am so happy for you all. You & Derek have done such a great job with your family. I am so proud of Derek for all the hard work & determination. And proud of you for standing by him and making sacrifices. And Meg, you look so pretty and happy in the picture of yourself. Your three boys are so handsome!! Congratulations & enjoy your last days in Cali!!

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