Five Hours

I got teary eyed this morning when the huge moving truck pulled up outside our apartment building. It’s all so real.

Five hours is all it took for everything we own to be packed up into boxes. Our three movers (Joe, Robert, and one who I can’t remember) accomplished more in 20 minutes than I did all week. The boys and I ran errands like crazy people so we would be out of the way. We took our cat to the vet to get him up to date with shots and get his health certificate. We dropped a few bags of stuff off at Goodwill, had a lot of fun at Petsmart looking at all the animals and bought Dallas a special carrier, ate lunch at Pei Wei with all the business people on their lunch break, and we hit up target for a few essentials and fun goodies. Finally we came home to this.

November 134_1.jpg

Now onto something toally un-move related. I am getting old. Last night I was carrying two loads of laundry down to the laundry room. I was engrossed in my thoughts about how it was my last time to do laundry here and I misstepped and totally wiped out. Dropped the laundry, yelled, bounced down the stairs on my tailbone wiped out. I had to sit there for a minute and think if I could even get up. I slowly got up and hobbled to the laundry room. Within an hour I wasn’t really feeling the effects of my fall except for a few bruises on my foot. But today…oh my word… I am feeling it. My tailbone throbs anytime I sit, my back is crying out for a chiropractic adjustment, and even my muscles are sore. My conclusion is that I am getting old and I am out of shape. I think there was a time in my life where that fall wouldn’t have fazed me except the bruise on my foot.

I think things like wiping out on the stairs is why my mom likes to call me grace.

So I am not sure if I will be able to update my blog until we get to Arlington on Sunday. Please keep us in your prayers as we wrap things up here and travel. Also, both Logan and Derek are not feeling 100% so please pray they don’t get any sicker.

Next time I blog I will be a Texan once again!

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  1. Yeah, you popped right up after falling in the hallway in Nelson. We are getting old! So – you are going to call me when you are in town, right???? Oh – I have to tell you something also so you need to call me ASAP!!!!

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