A story and an ugly picture

I was going through some old pictures last week and I found a few gems that just screamed “blog about me!”. So, here goes.


Our pet ducks, Dexter and Drake. When I was going to Azusa Pacific, a good friend of mine got this great idea to oder ducks online. I have no idea what inspired this, but I also thought it was cool. There were several of us who went in on this together because you had to order at least 6 ducks. I remember when they came in the mail (to the student mail center) the workers were very concerned about this package that chirped. I took Dexter and Drake home and did the best I could to take care of them. They slept in a box underneath a lamp to keep them warm. They would waddle all around our house, leaving their little duck droppings everywhere. I would put them in the tub for a little swim occasionally. One of them (Dexter, I think) was a totally retarded swimmer. It turns out that it’s very bad for their leg joints if they walk slippery surfaces-it can cause them to never learn to swim. We had all hardwood floors at the time and we did a bit of damage to poor Dexter’s hip joints.

We kept them until they grew up into full blown ducks. As they got bigger they spent a lot of time outside, eating every bit of vegetation we had on our little strip of a yard. Eventually, they just got too big and too loud and I wanted them to have a nice pond to live in. At this point, we happened to meet our neighbors who lived across the street. They saw us outside with Dexter and Drake-they were a real conversation piece, that’s for sure! They had a large yard and volunteered to take them. They lived in a nice wading pool at our neighbors house until one sad day when they disappeared.

The mystery of Dexter and Drake’s disappearance has never been solved. There was no evidence of foul play. They were just gone. I like to think that they embarked on a great duck adventure and found a lovely pond in a beautiful park where kids feed them bread every day. More than likely what happened is they got out of the yard and they got eaten. We lived in predominately Chinese part of town and duck is one of their favorite meats…poor Dexter and Drake.


Okay, picture number two that screamed “blog me!”.

Please sit down and brace yourself for what is perhaps the ugliest childhood picture of all time…


Oh my word, I cannot believe I am posting that. I know that most kids go through an ugly phase, but I challenge anyone to find an ugly phase picture that is uglier than that! I actually remember this day vividly. My sister spent quite a bit of time fixing my hair like that and I thought I was so cool. She was in high school and I was just her annoying kid sister. But for some reason on this day she let me in her room and fixed me up. But maybe she was just being mean because she knew someday I would look back and be horrified at this picture!

So, that’s it. Happy hump day!

Third times a charm

We had our very first successful Halloween with Connor. His first Halloween he was 10 months old. I bought a bee costume for him and I had great intentions of taking him out trick or treating. I nixed that plan when I realized how much he would hate his costume.


Last year, he was obessed with Elmo so I found a great Elmo costume on ebay for him. I thought he would love it. Oh no. Total meltdown again. For some reason I don’t have any pictures of last years Halloween, but I know that I have some video somewhere of the meltdown of the century. At any rate, we cancelled Halloween plans and he just went to bed early.

This year he finally got Halloween. He wanted to be a fire truck so I did my very best to put together a fire truck costume. He even had a siren hat, but he refused to wear it. We went trick or treating with out good friends and Connor had so much fun. He would run up to the door, say trick or treat, and 9 times out of 10 try and just grab the candy out of the bowl. He needed lots of reminders about Halloween manners but I suppose that is to be expected.

My favorite part about Connor trick or treating was his reaction to a full size candy bar he recieved at one of the first houses we went to. He proceeded to show every sigle person who’s door he knocked on his big butterfinger. We were just cracking up the whole time. I don’t think he was trying to say that their snack size candy was lame, but it sure seemed like it! He was just so excited about his big yellow candy bar.