T minus 36 hours

It’s almost house closing time! I am so, so, so excited. Want to jump up and down, sing at the top of my lungs, do the Vincent dance, pee on myself excited. We weren’t even sure until today if the loan would be good to go by Friday but we are clear. I have been packing and organizing the millions of new toys (okay, who am I kidding…my mom has been organizing the toys.) The new party van is all ready to be loaded up for the first of many trips to H-town. Our new car dvd player is ready to go, complete with a few new videos. Our furniture is scheduled to be delivered on Friday at noon. My brother is driving a U-Haul down on Saturday with the rest of our furiture that my grandmother gave us (including my VERY OWN washer and dryer!) Have I mentioned how excited I am?

I will probably be away from blog world for a few days at least. So I will leave you with a little bit of Logan. He’s a little hard to get pictures of these days because he is just so fast. These are from dinnertime a few nights ago.

Sometimes when I feed myself, I miss my mouth.

My mom thinks I will need some orthodontic work in my future. I hear I inherited my big space from my mommy and my daddy!

Who me? I’m not messy. I’m cute!

My plan worked! I just wanted to make sure I got a bath tonight. I love baths!
January 002_1.jpg

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  1. Logan is ADORABLE!! You’re right – his hair is long, but totally cute!! Have a great trip to Houston! Have fun setting up your house. Can’t wait to see pics of all your personal touches!!

  2. Roomate- you have had plenty of time to get moved in to your house – now get on the computer and blog a little for goodness sake! Oh – and I need your new address so email it back to me!

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