I love being a girl

Last night, I took a 30 minute bath while watching The Bachelor. Yes, that’s right. Not only does my bathroom have an awesome jacuzzi tub…there is a tv in there. It’s a pretty sweet set up if you ask me!

January 001_1.jpg

January 002_2.jpg

After the bath, I plucked my eyebrows, put on some self tanner, and gave myself a nice pedicure.

And then I put on what Derek calls my “pink hoochie” shorts. Just imagine pink shorts that a 16 year old cheerleader would wear. But I really love them. They are so soft and fun and girly.

I love being a girl!

6 Replies to “I love being a girl”

  1. I also love being a girl – it definitely beats being a nasty boy! :0)
    Your TV in the bathroom is sooooo cool! I love it. I need one of those. But I can see Kip sitting in there all day on a sunday watching football.

  2. I’ve got many “hoochie shorts” from my cheerleading days, but I refuse to wear them anymore because of how depressing it is to see how my body has changed since my cheerleading days. Bath and The Bachelor, that sounds like a perfect evening!

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