Jennifer had the 500th comment!

Roomate, you were 501 and 502…so close.

And, Jennifer, you are a winner also becasue you saw Ross Gellar in my teeth. Oh man, I crack myself up! Would y’all still me friends with me if I did that to my teeth?

So, Jennifer-a prize is headed your way! And Janelle, I know I haven’t sent you yours yet from the laundry contest, but it’s coming also. !

5 Replies to “WE HAVE A WINNER!!”

  1. Congrats, Jennifer! Um, your teeth look amazing Meg!! Can you make mine look like that?
    Hey, I was looking through old pictures yesterday & found several of me&you!! I think I’m gonna make a special post for them…be sure to check tonight!!

  2. I think that this whole prize thing is a big scam. If Janelle hasnt recieved hers yet, how do we know this is even real???? I may just stop commenting all together…how do you like that RM???? Hmmm?? HMMM????

  3. You don’t know me and I know this is so odd for me to post here, but I couldn’t resist. My name is Logan Thurman and I also live in Texas. I found your site while doing a Google Image search on myself. There was a pic of your newborn son and a link to this site. It makes me feel great knowing there is another Logan Thurman out there and, to make it even better, he is a Texan. You have a beautiful family and I wanted to wish you all nothing but happiness.


    The OTHER Logan Thurman

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