End of day one

I feel like I am on Trading Spaces. I decided that today was the big day for Connor’s room. Ever since I found out I was pregnant with Connor, I have wanted to decorate a kid’s room. This is my very first chance and I am having so much fun! I have already ordered and received Connor’s bedding and wallpaper border. The only thing left was paint, so the C-man and I headed to Loews this morning. I couldn’t decide between red or green paint so I let Connor choose. He chose green, and I’m happy. It’s called aspargus and I love it. I decided to go with a really light blue above the border and I love that too. I cannot wait to see the finished room!

February 101_1.jpg

In other fun news…yesterday I watched my friend Sarah’s little girl, Piper. Isn’t she the cutest?
February 106_1.jpg

Sarah and I haven’t talked in over two years, but she is one of those friends where it just doesn’ t matter. It felt like old times. Good friends like that are such a blessing! Derek asked how it was hanging out with Sarah and I said it was just like old times. His response made me laugh-“Oh, so you listened to loud music, spun around a lot, and drew butterflies?” Ha. We did like to spin back in the day and listen to music and I always wanted Sarah to draw me a butterfly tattoo…anyway, it was great spending time with an old friend and her precious daughter.

Derek and I even took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese. How’s that for some fun babysitting!

February 130_1.jpg

Connor loved having a friend over, too. He and Derek had this funny conversation today about how he liked Piper, but he wasn’t going to marry her, he is going to marry Malia (my best friend in Cali’s little girl). Connor is so funny.

February 119_1.jpg

Speaking of funny things that Connor says and does, I’ve been meaning to get a few things down in the blog for awhile but it never went with the topic. Since this is a total mish mash of stuff, here’s some funny Connor stories.

Don’t even think about calling this his hat and his slippers. No sir…they are rocket zoomers. Rocket zoomer shoes and his rocket zoomer hat.

February 033_1.jpg

The other day I gave Logan a bath in a sink after I found him playing in the toilet that hadn’t been flushed…that’s a whole other story. Anyway, Connor was enthralled with it and insisted that he also get a bath in the sink.

I know that there are more funny things I was going to talk about, but my mind is getting numb. Must….sleep…now.

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  1. Ok – you really freaked me out at the beginning of that blog because you said “ever since I found out that I was pregnant…” Now I understand what you were trying to say but I just about picked up the phone and called you at 7:45 am on a Sunday morning!!!!! That is funny about the sink – Chase is obsessed with it too because that is where Macy bathes! I cannot wait to see you! I will call you this week. Oh – and tell Sarah hello for me.

  2. Piper talked about Connor all day yeasterday, today and I’m sure she’ll mention something about him in her sleep. Thanks again for saving the day!

  3. So I freaked out just like Shauna did. You can’t say “Since I found out I was pregnant”. I was almost very mad at you, but as I read on I understood what you were saying. I am so glad you are having fun in your new house!

  4. I have to join in with the other girls. You had me going with your “ever since I found out I was pg” comment! Cute pics! I bet Conner just loved having a friend over.

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