It was bound to happen. 8:15 pm. Boys tucked in tight. A crash and a cry. You know the one. The hurt cry, the one where you run to your child. Blood running out of his mouth, down his face. I swoop him up and see the gash on his chin. He’s hysterical and can’t even tell me what happened. All I know is the cut is deep and we need stitches. I call James. What an amazing blessing to have a brother who is a pediatric ER doctor, who lives 15 minutes away, and who works at the neighborhood hospital. But, he’s not working tonight. He asked me to send a picture of the cut so he can see how bad it is. By now, Connor is calm and telling us what happened. “I jumped over my train track and smashed into my bunkbed.” James calls back. It’s not too bad, he says. Bring him over for some dermabond. Derek and Connor hop in the car and are home within the hour. I will say it again. James is such a blessing.

Connor was tuckered out after the excitement. He had a lollipop to eat on they way home and he didn’t even take one lick of it. But I am certain that he will ask for it first thing in the morning.

So here’s to our first real emergency. It took more than three years. I hate to say it, but I am sure that it won’t be the last.

Valentine’s day certainly was memorable this year!

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  1. I can soooo vividly remember Mackenzie’s first emergency – It was on her FIRST birthday and she tubmled down the stairs and we rushed her to the ER – mostly because Kip is a freak about that stuff. She was perfectly fine but she had busted her lip so she was bleeding and swollowing the blood – then she was throwing up blood – so Kip was certain that she had internal damage that was causing her to throw up blood. When we got to the ER she just played on the bed and she had some delicious cake for her b-day when we got home!

  2. Oh boy! Yes…quite familiar with these kinds of scares and Hospital trips with Foster. So glad all is well…and thankful with you about your brother being so close! Blessings galore! :)))

  3. If Connor is anything like his dad, you will have many future trips to the ER to anticipate! Once the initial shock of the injury was over, Derek was generally calm, cool and collected about the whole ER thing, though. Good luck!

  4. Yes, you are lucky to make it to three, and No, it won’t be the last. 😉

    It’s good to know the angels are there to catch them, though. Psalm 91:11

    When our son was about one a plate glass miror fell over and hit a counter and shattered litteraly over his head where he sat on the floor. He was surrounded by shattered glass and he had one tiny pin-prick on his toe. Right between his legs was a shard that looked like a knife blade. I watched it happen and thought he would be killed. I wish I could have seen the fight to protect him – I am sure there was one.

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