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Back in December, we had a Thurman family photo shoot with Derek’s immediate family, grandparents, aunt, uncle, and cousins. Look how great it turned out! Everyone smiling, looking so happy, sitting so nicely. But, my friends, this is all just a facade. The realtiy of professional pictures is much, much uglier. It consists of crying kids, closed eyes, frustrated parents, and irritated photographers who pretend not to be irritated. But as soon as we see the beautiful end result, we forget about the difficutly of acheiving the sought after perfect family photo.

Us, originally uploaded by Mamameg.

But you know what? Our family is not perfect. Our days are messy and chaotic. We lose our tempers, stomp our feet, and shout out in frustration. Our clothes are stained, our hair is messy, and sometimes our armpits stink. And while I really love our family picture, there is a picture from that day that I love just as much because it’s real.

Real Family pic, originally uploaded by Mamameg.

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  1. I love the last picture – that is great! We did the same thing with Kip’s family and it turned out perfect – and I just looked at it with wonder because I do not recollect the shoot being that way whatsoever!

  2. You will cherish that last photo forever!! You couldn’t have blogged it any better. I can just feel what you and Derek are feeling at that moment! Trying to be calm as to not ruin the rest of the photo op, but wondering, “How in the heck are we gonna resolve this situation!” All the parents in the world can only relate oh too well!

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