They are out to get me

I know this picture is really blurry and not good at all, but I think you can get the idea of what this is.


That’s right. A lizard. I am pretty sure that it must be the brother of the lizard I killed a few weeks ago. He is trying to get revenge on me for smushing his brother. I simply opened my front door to check on some packages, and the booger ran right inside like he owned the place. I freaked. I freaked big time. I screamed and ran to the other side of the house doing the “there might be lizards on me” dance. Thank God Derek was home this time so he was able to take care of this guy. He lost his tail in the process, but at least he is not residing on my walls or in my bed-which is where I was sure he was headed.

So I am watching a friends’ little boy today. Tristan is just about Connor’s age and they are having so much fun together! Seriously, this is so easy. If I thought that having three kids would be like this I would pop another one out pronto. But, of course this isn’t reality. For one thing, babies don’t come out playing nicely with other kids. And they certainly aren’t on their best behavior like Tristan is. But I am really amazed at how nicely they are playing together. There haven’t been any major fights, they are sharing, laughing, and just being boys together. The whole playing nice with others thing just reinforces the fact that Connor is growing up. It’s pretty amazing to me what kids learn to do in just a few years. If I look at what I have learned in the past three years it doesn’t even compare to what Connor has learned. It is all just a reminder of how important these first few years are. More growing and learning takes place right now than ever again in his life. I am so thankful that I have been able to stay home and be his teacher for these years.

Enough of that tangent. I just noticed that my blogiversary was two days ago! One year of blogging. I am so glad that Derek convinced me to start this thing. Now I have a great record of the past year. I’ve connected with people I’ve lost touch with, and even made new friends. Horray for blogging!

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  1. hey I wanted to let you know that Thomas the train is coming to Grapevine April 1&2- you get to ride him and get a pic w/ him and some other guys- Maisy loves Thomas so we are gonna try and take her it would be som fun if you came and went with us

  2. I think the blog is the best thing since sliced bread!! I’m glad I don’t have to do it, but I’m glad you do. I feel like I am connected to your family and know what is going on in your life even though I am miles away.

  3. is this how i email you? i am pretty sure we are going and I know ry will want to go if yall are involved. The web site is:
    the tickets are $16.00 but the babies are free, look at the site and see what you think. I know it is really fun, our friend took their boys to Houston twice to do it and they said it was awesome. Let me know cause we will order tickets asap.

  4. Um, that lizard is disgusting! I hope the daddy isn’t outside waiting to come in!
    I’m glad you’ve blogging for a year too! I’m even more glad that we’ve reconnected.

    I will get those recipes to you this weekend. I’m off for 5 days, so I SHOULD have time!!

  5. Caleb has really enjoyed me sharing with him your stories of the lizards. He says they are geckos. I have no clue, except that I would be screaming and standing far away somewhere but close enough that I could keep an eye on the little creature. I had to do that several times at our first house. Fortunately, we had good neighbors to help me when Kerry was not home.

  6. hey meg- i just read through your blog that i got off of shauna’s and i loved seeing all those pic’s from ACU. i am so glad to hear that you are doing well. and your babies are beautiful!!!

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