It’s time to party!

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I feel like a real grown-up home owner. Last night we had our first dinner party! I know I could have had parties in our California apartment, even though it was small. We did have the occasional party, but it was always outdoors and we grilled hamburgers or chicken. Those are great fun, don’t get me wrong. But this was my first dinner party, in my dining room. I made homemade lasagna-I mean, serious homemade lasagna. The sauce is from scratch and must simmer for 3 hours. But it was so good, it was totally worth the effort! There were 5 adults and 7 children, so this was certainly not a formal party. And it was all family. But we sat in the dining room, so in my book it was a dinner party. And it was all to celebrate our sweet Logan’s first birthday.

Check out this mookarama.

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I decided I wanted cereal for breakfast this morning. I pull out the box and pour it into my bowl. Derek wins the mooker of the day award for this move. He poured himself a bowl of cerel to the brim of his bowl , and left me this. Why he didn’t just finish it, I don’t know. All I know is he enjoyed a heaping bowl of scrumptios cereal, and I got crumbs. Which I didn’t even get to eat because Connor wanted cereal for breakfast, too. I live with a bunch of mookers!

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  1. It sounds like your first dinner party was fab!! I hope Logan has enjoyed all the cake!!! I had a cereal experience quite like that this morning. I mixed two different kinds of Life cereal to get a semi-full bowl!

  2. It looks like your first dinner party was a hit! I love having people over (and I did today for Ashley’s baby shower) – but I did hear myself say out loud today – “I will never have people over again because I cannot do anything with these 8 kids around me.” And Kip said “8?” – I said “YES – It feels like 8 KIDS!!!!!” Anyhow – I almost gave Macy some cake today and I made an executive decision to wait for her first birthday! So she will be waiting like the best of them.

  3. It was a spectacular dinner party at that!! We had sooooo much fun!! That photo collage Rox!!! Look at those cousins!! I just know that they will grow to be the best of friends!! Could having a big family with lots of kids be any better?

  4. OH how fun! I love dinner parties! OK and the whole cereal thing, awful. At least he didn’t put an empty box in the pantry. When people put empty containers back in the refrigerator or pantry, I want to kill them. They tempt me with THINKING that I can eat fabulous food, but NO it’s ALL gone. Jerks.

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