Famous Logan

So, anyone not in the scrapbooking world may not appreciate this as much as I do.


One of my layouts is being published in the July issue of Scrapbook Trends Magazine! I am so incredilbly excited. I haven’t been submitting layouts very long, and it’s just going to be so cool to see sweet Logan’s face in a magazine!

Derek and I decided we should celebrate by going out to dinner. But our budget is just not allowing for a nice dinner at this time, so Whataburger it was. Did anyone ever see the movie “Drop Dead Georgous“? It’s this obscure movie with Kirstin Dunst, Denise Ricards, and Kirstie Alley (pre Fat Actress days…) It is totally funny, kind of along the lines of Waiting for Guffman. Total mockumentary. Anyway, there is this scene where Kirstin Dunst and her mom are flipping out because they get to stay at the “airport HoJo” (aka Howard Johnson). Derek and I referece this all the time when we get excited about things that aren’t really sassy. So going to Whataburger to celebrate tonight definitely qualifies as a airport hojo experience!

I really hope someone has seen this movie and knows what I am talking about.

It’s a good day today.

8 Replies to “Famous Logan”

    I am so proud of you, and it’s about time that someone else understood your innate ability to make paper and pictures blend together beautifully! You rock my world!

  2. Yea for Megan!!! That is so cool!! I haven’t seen the movie, but I totally get what you’re saying!!!
    Glad your Monday was great!!

    Do we get to see the Layout??

  3. I am so proud of you RM – I love Whataburger – but I love Chili’s better….hey do you remember that time that we drove for hours and hours and hours with my screaming kids looking for a Chili’s – oh yeah – that was like a month ago! :0)

  4. Just as long as you don’t go to work in a funeral home and no one “accidently” shoots Derek in the head while deer hunting in order to throw you off your scrapbooking game, then airport hojo it up!


  5. that is so cool, I can’t wait to see it.
    Also: I love that movie- when the the old pagent queen sings in the wheel chair I always cry I laugh so hard.

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