Fave pics of the moment

This is for my family who checks the blog to see the boys. These are my most favorite pictures of them of the moment. I have to say, I’ve got some cute kids!

March 202_1.jpg

March 206_1.jpg

So tonight we are packing up the party van (which Connor has started calling the Hummer) and heading North. Tomorrow we will be embarking on an adventure called Day Out With Thomas with some good friends of ours, Ryan and Maggie. Needless to say, Connor is thrilled beyond belief about getting to ride on Thomas tomorrow! We will spend the rest of the weekend hanging out with family before loading back into the “hummer” to head home Sunday morning. It should be a really fun weekend!

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  1. That is hilarious that he calls the van “the hummer” – who needs a real hummer when your kids think they have one already! I am glad you are coming to the area – wish we werent going to be crazy busy so we could see you – but we are. Love ya! Have a good trip.

  2. Those photos are awesome! I think I like Connor’s attitude. I think I’ll start calling our minivan the hummer too!!! Can’t wait to scrap with you Saturday!

  3. You do have very handsome boys!
    I used to call our minivan in highschool the party van 🙂

    Have fun at Thomas!

  4. Hi Megan: Really enjoy looking at your pictures of the boys. I see lots of resemblence to their great grandma!
    Love, Aunt Janet

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