Boys Picnic

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in H-town. Not humid at all, high around 80, nice cool breeze, etc. I had the windows open all day and it was just georgous.

I decided to grill some chicken for dinner. Then I started wishing we had some patio furniture so we could enjoy the beautiful spring evening. Derek suggested that we just have a picnic on a blanket, and I thought that was a great idea. So I finished up the meal (which included green beans fresh from my garden), while Derek set up the blanket. I started to carry out the plates when Connor stopped me in the doorway.

“Mom, this is only a boys picnic. It’s just for daddy and Logan and me and daddy.”
(he almost always repeats the first item at the end of a list-almost like he forgot he just said it.)
“You just eat inside by yourself and the boys are eating outside.”

He was very adamant, so being the loving mom, I obliged. And you know what? I didn’t even mind. Not one single bit. I had a nice, peaceful dinner watching my three favorite people have a special boys only picnic.

May 455_1.jpg

Onto a totally different subject.
I have started stripping this glorious wallpaper off the bathroom walls.

May 443.jpg

My wonderful mother-in-law was gracious enough to let me borrow her steamer, so this task is not quite as hideous as stripping the border from Connor’s room. My hands aren’t bleeding or anything. But this is not fun. Not fun, my friends. First, the bathroom heats up to about 95 degrees with that steamer on. And it’s just hard work. Plus, I am managing to strip off some of the wall board in places…not good. This means an extra step of spackling and sanding before painting. But, my wonderful husband has said that he will help with that part. I am hoping to be ready to paint next week.

At Wal-Mart today, I picked up some paint samples. I haven’t for sure decided on a color. I am thinking yellow…like a soft, creamy, golden yellow. Or maybe blue, like a fun, greenish, blue…almost turquoise. I think I may scan in a few of the colors I like and get some opinions. Besides paint, I am going to buy new towels, possibly a new shower curtain (the one I have now is just a neutral beige), and I want to do some framed black and white pictures-either scenic Europe (that my brother took), or of hands a feet and the like. So many choices.

I am really hoping to get a lot done on the house this summer. First this bathroom, then the kitchen, and finally our bedroom. Plus a few knick-knacks around the house. I love having a house of our own!

8 Replies to “Boys Picnic”

  1. Maybe to assist in your color choices you could see if you can find your towels and curtain and pull a color from them. I did this in my living room with a picture and I love it.

  2. Hi Megan, I am Shauna’s sister in law. I have a tip for taking off wallpaper. Mix liquid fabric softener (like Downy)2 parts and water, 1 part in a spray bottle and spray on the paper. It helps loosen it a lot. You may still have to steam, but it should make the job easier and it smells yummy! Good luck! And…thanks for all your prayers for our Jamie. He is doing great!

  3. We must copy your idea and have a picnic in this beautiful weather too…what a novel idea!
    Painting is so fun…well not the actual painting part (although that’s fun for about the first hour or two) but having a freshly painted room! I can’t wait to see your color options!

  4. Not humid in H-town? I didn’t know that was possible! Looks like the boys had fun. At least C let you take a picture of the “boys picnic” 😉

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