The Tale of Three Tomatoes

I have a very pathetic cherry tomato plant. It has produced exactly 5 tomatoes, two of which were eaten by bugs while they were still green. Three remained. Three lonely cherry tomatoes. Two of them had started to turn red, while one was still green. The beautiful red tomatoes proved to be a tempation too great for Logan.

May 565.jpg

Connor and I told him no. Logan was very upset because he wanted the tomato so!

May 568.jpg

In the end, Logan won. He plucked the tomato from the vine and bit into it’s juicy flesh. Connor, not to be outdone, picked the other red one.

And then I found this.

May 585.jpg

The lonely green tomato, picked before it’s time. And bitten into by a slightly snaggle-toothed 14 month old.

Ahh…the joys of gardening with small children.

9 Replies to “The Tale of Three Tomatoes”

  1. That’s too funny! I remember picking the apples off of my parents’ tree before they were ready. They were sooooo sour and really gross! I understand why the poor, green tomato was left behind!

  2. Hi I just found your blog from a reply you made on a blog i frequent 🙂 I just wanted to say your boys are adorable and what a cute story.. Love the lonely old green tomato bitten into by a slightly snaggle-toothed 14 month old.. lol Too funny!

  3. that is effing hilarious. I was always on edge thinking that one of my friends would sabatage my garden. I think that you could probably plant another tomato plant, unless you think the winter come early this year in Houston.

  4. Megan!!!!! This is PRICELESS!!!! What a fun tail…and AWESOME photos to go with it. I LOVE this! :)))) I can’t wait to see you scrapbook this! :))
    Love YOU,

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