Tomatoes for real!

Last week I had a sad tale of three tomatoes. There is much celebrating in my heart today. Check it:

homegrown tomato.jpg

I am not a tomato person. I never have been. But let me just tell you that this tomato was good I have revised my previous feelings of tomato hate. I just don’t like store bought tomatoes. Homegrown…that’s a whole other story.

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  1. I love your pics RM – I am going to get a new camera if I have to beg and plead for one! And I am glad you like tomatoes now – you should cut one up with some fresh mozzarella cheese and spray some balsamic vinigerette spray on it – delish!!!!!!

  2. There is no comparison between homegrown and store bought tomatoes. Store-bought are just little hard red balls, but those juicy, sweet, delicious homegrown – wow! These are what tomato-lovers are talking about when we say we like tomatoes.

  3. I’ve never been a big tomoato fan either. Last year one of my friends gave me a BUCKET of home grown tomatoes and Audria and I made them into salsa. It was so yummy!!!! Some day we’ll have our own gardent too 🙂

  4. mmm tomatoes.
    homegrown tomatoes are usually better because they’ve been ripening in the place they should always be- out of the fridge.
    Too many people keep tomatoes in the fridge and you can’t do that. They don’t belong there (they lose their flavor in there).

    Ok, sorry for the rambling… cute photos too btw

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