Graduation, Friends, Home Turf, and the Star Mover

We had a great trip back to Cali. It was so weird being there…it still feels like home. Everything is so familar and I just kept wanting to go back to our little apartment. I forgot how long it takes to make really good friends like we had in California, and how long it takes for a new place to feel like home. We’ve been in Houston 6 months, and it doesn’t feel quite right yet. Not like Cali did.

Anyway, we had a fabulous trip. We saw lots of friends, had a great adventure at a waterpark (for full details, check this out. My brother’s girlfriend Noel met us at the waterpark and we had so much fun.)

One highlight of the trip was of course Derek’s graduation.
June 110 copy.jpg

June 174 copy.jpg

How’s this for a family picture? The cheesy smiles on this totally crack me up!
June 150.jpg

The other highlight was just seeing and spending time with all our old friends. This is Connor’s best gal, Malia.

June 196 copy.jpg

And here’s Malia, JD, and Connor. I didn’t get a picture with Logan or with the newest baby, Kiana (who was only a week old when we visited!)

June 178.jpg

I’m sure there are a million little stories to tell about our trip, and I am sure they will leak out on here occasionally as I remember them. As for now, I am just plain tired after travelling yesterday. We had to leave at 4:15 yesterday morning to make our flight. But I will leave you with one little Connor story.

We are at the aiport yesterday getting all checked in curbside. It was still dark out, but Connor was wearing his standard uniform these days-his yellow bike helmet and his purple sunglasses (choose your battles, Megan…choose your battles..) The sky cab man says “Hey dude, you look like a movie star wearing your sunglasses in the dark!” Connor turns to me, laughing, and says “Mom, he says I look like a star mover!”

(note to self…take a picture of the star mover soon!)

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  1. This is so wonderful Megs…I LOVE all the fantastic photographs and can’t wait to see what you do with them too! :)))) Sounds like you guys had an incredible fun time! :)))

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