Summer in Full Swing

*I went to the beach yesterday. And surfed! It was so amazing and fun. I went with my sis-in-law, Kathy, her two kiddos, and a bunch of people from her church. They do a thing called Surf Camp where they teach people to surf, hang out at the beach, and have a little worship and lesson. So fun. Kathy was rockin’ the surfboard, too. Yesterday totally inspired me to get a surfboard and go to the beach down here more often. You would think that Galveston would pale in comparison to California beaches, but I have to say…I was never a fan of going to the beach in California. The traffic, the fighting for a parking spot, more traffic…it only led to acute road rage and ruined any fun at the beach. But Galveston is different. Sure, it’s only the Gulf of Mexico, but the water is warm, the sand is heaven for the boys, the waves are perfect for a wimpy surfer like myself, it’s just a 35 minute zip down the freeway, and parking flows like milk and honey. I forsee many more trips to the beach this summer.

*We have a mosquito infestation. I swear some of them are the size of small birds. Remember the movie My Girl where Macaulay Culkin’s character gets swarmed by bees and dies? I relived that scene yesterday in my yard, only insert mosquitos instead of bees. “His glasses…he can’t see without his glasses…” Gets me every time. Anyway, we have stocked up on bug spray, citronella candles, and Derek applied some special spray poison last night. I sure am glad that my boys can either play in a yard covered in posion or get West Nile…I will win this battle against the mosquitos. Mark my words.

*We are grilling out all the time now. Definitely a sign of summer.

*Okay, so Houston is hot. But I think I am acclamating to it. It reminds me of my childhood-warm summer evenings and lazy afternoons spent inside when it’s too hot to go outside. The constant sticky feeling reminds me of Sooner Youth Camp, which always brings a smile to my face.

*We are about to become regulars at our neighborhood pool. I love swimming and being in the sun.

*It’s all about the tank tops baby. And flip flops. But flippys aren’t so much a sign of summer to me since I wear them year round. Even when it’s cold and possibly raining. I love my flops.

Yup. No doubt about it. Summer is here!

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  1. Summer has taken over at our house too – I love it! But I was just telling Kip this weekend that we havent seen any mosquitos yet – hmmm…I pray that we do not get them like you have them!!! I hate those things – I am sure they will take over here soon enough – especially since I just brought it up. Oh well – I am so glad that you are enjoying the summer! We hired a pool cleaning company today because we need our pool to stay beautiful so we can swim every day – and Kip just doesnt have that touch!

  2. What’s the brown murkey stuff in the bottom of the pool? No wonder Logan’s sitting in a chair. lol. You know that standing water breeds mosquitos!?!? lol

  3. aaahhhhhh….summer at the beach! I so miss CA beaches! The beaches here in OR are beautiful but not “put on your swimsuit and layout for hours” nice, ya know? Love that cute photo!!!!

  4. How fun!!! I love that you went surfing too! Good times for sure! :)))
    Summer has been in full swing here in AZ for quite some time now…and will stay there for even longer! Can’t wait to have you come our for a visit sometime!

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