Everyone has a lowrider

I took the boys to the library today. Captain Disaster was out in full force, knocking books off the shelf several times…I swear the kid is like Inspector Gadget, go go gadget arms and all. No matter how far away I parked his stroller, he still managed to reach the books. Besides the fact that I was the mom with the noisy, messy kids, we had a good time. I let Connor check out 5 books. He chose 2 fire truck books, one about big rigs, one about freight trains, and one about lowriders. That’s right, lowriders. He has learned all about hydraulics, pimped out interiors, art on cars (art being paintings of skulls, or Betty Boop.) The funniest part is that he thought it was a book about pick up trucks, and honestly, so did I. I was busy cleaning up after the wrath of Logan to do more than glance at the books Connor checked out. But upon closer inspection, it’s not even a truck on the cover. It’s some sort of convertible Chrysler. Cool. Very cool.

And just because I love to post pictures, here is my current favorite one of Connor. I totally bribed him to take this picture.


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  1. I LOVE that picture! He is such a cute boy but you have got photoshop down – I need to send you some pics to supe up for us!

  2. Great picture of Connor. I got so tickled reading about Logan. He is a true Thurman!! Now you know what I went through with both my boys. One of Derek’s first phrases was “I break it!” The consolation is that this busy, destructive kid is just inquisitive and may turn out to be a scientist/engineer type.

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