It’s about flippin’ time!

Rememeber this little project?

May 443.jpg

A month later, I am finally finished! Well, I shouldn’t say finished, really. I still have a few spots to touch up and I want to put a fresh coat of paint on the cabinets and door frames. I am so happy with how it turned out! I had a little freak out moment when we got done painting. The walls don’t look perfect, due to the damage from stripping wallpaper. But once the new towel rods, shower curtain, and accessories were up, I was totally happy. And let me say it right here, right now. Ever.

June 417.jpg


7 Replies to “It’s about flippin’ time!”

  1. AMAZING! Seriously – I love it. It looks like it’s right out of a magazine!! Great job meg!

    When I saw the first picture, I was scared. I forgot what the before pic was & I thought for a second that it was the after picture…. So I am totally relieved!

    I’m sure you guys will enjoy your new peaceful bathroom!!

  2. It looks gorgeous! I know you’re glad it’s done. It gives you such a feeling of accomplishment when you see the finished product. Enjoy your beautiful bathroom.

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