This is what we did today. Well, the part I want to remember, anyway. I won’t mention the thrown library book that hit Logan in the head, the shopping trip that ended with being rammed by the shopping cart, the game called “take all the toys of the shelves and put them in the laundry baskets then throw a fit when it’s time to clean up, leading mom to threaten to throw away every toy on the floor.” I won’t mention the fact that I am absolutely going crazy trying to keep Logan off the kitchen table, or that I bought “fresh” salmon for a delicious dinner tonight only to be knocked over by the smell of old fish when I opened it at 5:15. I won’t mention that I started weight watchers in an attempt to lose this 15 pounds that Logan so graciously bestowed upon me, plus the extra 5 that Connor contributed, and therefore I have been hungry all day in an effort to stay below my 22 point limit. I won’t mention the mosquito bite I got yesterday that has swelled to size of a quarter and makes me want to claw my skin off it itches so bad. And I certainly won’t mention the grief my wonderful husband gave me for buying an issue of US Weekly at the grocery store in an attempt to get my mind off the incredibly long day I was having.

Or maybe I will mention it. Because it’s my blog and I can mention whatever I want. But when I look back at this entry (because, yes, I complusively check my own blog), what I want to see first are those pictures of my boys living it up.

Tomorrow night Derek and I are going on a long overdue date. I absolutely cannot wait.

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  1. Good luck with the WW I am sure that you will do great! I too am on the hunt for a better body. Today was day two of the workout and so far I am 2 for 2. Ryan always gives me a hard time for buying an US weekly at the store but maybe that’s because I subscribe to it and I am not patient enough to wait for the new addition to get to my house. Whatever…

  2. I am so proud of you and your WW…it is going to be great – it is going to work and the hunger will cease – just wait! OH – and I have started subscribing to US weekly, In Touch, etc, etc to keep my mind off of more pertinent matters!

    Love ya RM

  3. Have a blast on your date tonight!
    Josh and I went out last night and it was SUCH a nice break.

    I love the photos and your life sounds a lot like mine, especially the cleaning up the toys part. Chin up, girl.. things will get better soon!


  4. megan,
    your blog about the lifeguards is one of the best i have read oh say… ever! i loved all the details.
    i miss you! i have all my bathing suits here ready to be worn so if you want a friend at the pool i will drive out and visit!

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