Ahhh…date night

Because I am a girl and it is completely acceptable to take pictures of oneself, here I am just moments before leaving for our date tonight. I actually fixed my hair for the first time in I don’t know how long. The Houston humidity is not good for my mane. Actually, if we are being honest, my hair problems really started when I got pregnant. With each pregancy, my hair got a little bit thicker and a little bit curlier, but not super curly, just curly enough that it’s a pain to straighten, and every once in awhile if the weather and timing is perfect I have nice curls, or I have nice straight-ish hair. But that is rare. However, with perserverence of heart, Connor sleeping, and Logan entertained by the Wiggles and a baggie of cereal, I dried my locks all the way dry and left it down. This is nothing short of a miracle. My own husband commented on it. Actually, I believe his comment was “wow, you have a lot of hair.”, said as he walked up to me from afar in Target. I believe what he actually meant to say was “I could see you a mile away because of the semi-afro that you are sporting tonight.”

Anyway, I digress.

June 507.jpg

We went to the Cinema Grill for our date. Dinner and a movie, all at the same time. It’s such a time efficient date. And affordable when you have a coupon for two free movie tickets and a buy one get one free meal coupon. I’m glad that our date was affordable so that we could go to Target to buy diapers and toilet paper. Oh, and a video game, and a new outfit. So cheap date turned into expensive date, but the mama and dad are happy, so it’s all good.

June 490.jpg

Can we please get a behind view of the afro?

June 513.jpg

I believe in another 6 months, or maybe a year, I will have enough hair to cut off to donate to Locks of Love. And I will be super skinny with super cute haircut. I will be hot, no doubt about it.

And on a totally different subject…Mary worked at the pool today. Ughh. I really need to write a letter and complain. She a real piece of work. And after a little convo with some other moms, I can say without a doubt that I am not the only one with Mary issues.

PS-every time I type the name Mary, I think that I am writing about Mary from 7th Heaven.

Happy Wednesday, my few faithful blog readers!

7 Replies to “Ahhh…date night”

  1. Ok – with the word few..are you fishing for us to make ourselves KNOWN??? 🙂 You know that there are hundreds of us out there. Your hair has gotten really long. It is really pretty though RM. And you look skinnier already. Have you lost weight even before the WW started? Oh – and speaking of that – I shed no pounds this week – but I kind of deserved it – I at least – did not gain any. This next week will be different!

  2. what a good little dirtbag. I am so excited about coming to see you guys in 4 days. Plus, I get to spend the 4th with you guys. Could it get any better? Can you say free baby sitter, and diedrich’s galore? love you dude, hang in there.

  3. You are super cute!! I really like your new outfit& Your hair is beautiful!!

    Ok, so I started WW on monday too & I totally blew it at lunch today! Ugh!!! I hope you’re doing better than me!!

  4. Megan, I LOVE reading your blog, you are so funny and I love your sense of humor. I think your hair is SO pretty and you are hot right now! I totally don’t see the extra 15 pounds you’ve talked about!
    I wish we lived closer, I would totally give Mary a talking to if she blew her whistle at my 15 month old.., LOL! Thanks for making me smile. 🙂


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