Life Expentacy of a Lizard

I’ve had this entire entry wriiten out in my head for the past three days, but I had to get the perfect picture and the perfect moment to write it. I have actually answered the age-old question: what is the life expentancy of a lizard in a dire situation? You’ll have to read down to the bottom to get the answer.

It’s no secret that we regularly have lizards in our house…and I freak out every single time I find one. If you need a refresher course on the lizard saga, this is a good blog post to read. Ever since that fateful day, the lizards are out to get me. I even found one in my closet once, which is just one step away from my bed which I know is their ultimate goal.

Last week, I believe it was Tuesday, I went in the garage and saw something skitter out of the corner of my eye. Upon closer inspection, I discovered it was a baby lizard. I guess because it was in my garage and so tiny, I didn’t freak out at all. I just thought to myself “I sure hope he can find his mom.” A week passed. I did my nightly lizard check in our entry way and saw the baby lizard.

baby lizard living in my house

I knew there was no way to catch him-correct that-for Derek to catch him, because he was so small. So I just left him and checked him everyday to make sure he didn’t find my cozy bed. And for three days, he has been right there. Sometimes he’ll move onto the actual window. And I started to feel a little sorry for the critter. I knew there were only two possible outcomes: either he would figure out a way to get down from the window and go outside, or he would eventually die without access to food, water, and toilet. I wondered how long this would take.

I now know the answer. Three days. I just checked on him and he’s dead as a doornail. I did have a mini panic attack when he wasn’t on the window. But I guess when lizards die, their feet lose their sticky. I am mostly relieved because I can sleep without fear of lizards in my bed. I am a little sad for him becuase he was just a baby. And I am a slightly apprehensive because not only have I crushed one in the door, I have killed the baby. If they weren’t out to get me before, I am sure that they are now.

2 Replies to “Life Expentacy of a Lizard”

  1. That was such a cute baby lizzy…We should call her Lizzy from now on. I like how you think that the only reason that she was laying on the ground was because her feet lost the sticky when she died…hmm….could the death itself have thrown her to the ground? Who really knows – maybe we should research the loss of stickiness upon death.

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new picture on your blog header! We’ll have to discuss f-stops and shutter speeds when we see each other again…LOL!

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