After the vanity

After the most vain blog post ever featuring only my pictures, I decided I needed to share this little Connor story from last night.

May 621_1.jpg
So on Thursday’s Derek plays indoor soccer. He doesn’t leave until 8:00, so the kids are already in bed or at least ready for bed. Yesterday Connor took a nap from 4-5:30…that’s never a good idea except he was so exhausted and needed that nap. So at 8:45 I start tucking Connor in. We have a whole ritual, like any kid does. I have to climb up in his top bunk with him and “take good care” of him. We talk about the day and say our prayers. After I climb down, he asks me to hold his hand for three minutes. After that, I stop at his door and we have our final good night conversation that goes something like this:

“Good night Connor. I love you.”
(Connor) “I see you when I wake up. I love you too.”
Okay, good night bud. Sleep tight sweet dreams, I’l see you in the morning. I love you to the stars.”
(Connor) Good night, mom. I see you in the morning. I love you too. Can you say I love you again? I need 5 hugs and 5 kisses. Can I talk to you one more time?”

So this goes on for a few minutes…lots of hugs and kisses and I love yous and random bits from the mind of Connor. (Last night it included some story about going through the jungle to go to the park.)

Last night he must have called me back to his room 5 times. Tucking in was stretching out into a 30 minute thing, and I admit my patience was wearing thin. I opened his door rather quickly, all set to lay down the law.

“Mom, can you say I love you to the stars again?”
“I love you to the stars, Connor.”
“Mommy, I love you to my heart.”

How could I be irritated when he says something so sweet like that?

Derek calls it my glamour shot

Last week I set up my new camera on a tripod and took some pictures of myself. It was for a challenge on a scrapbooking website that I am a part of. I know I’m a huge dork, but I like to take pictures of myself and pretend just for a minute that I am a contestant on America’s Next Top Model.

The pictures didn’t turn out that great. My face was zitty and the colors were just off. You can click the pic and see the zits in full glory if you want to.


Enter the magic of Photoshop. I found some great tutorials online tonight and played with this picture. Check out my glamour shot:

May 653_2.jpg