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Once upon a time, many years ago, I decided to train for a marathon with a bunch of people from college.


This is me, running my one and only race. No, it was not a marathon-it was a 10K. I trained up to 10 miles, had a horrible run around Lake Heffner in Oklahoma City in 40 degree weather, and I hung up my shoes. That was it. I have said (probably even outloud a few times) that I was going to train again., but I have never followed through.

I am stating it here. Outloud.

I am going to triain again. But this time, I’m going to finish it. Let me clarify…I am definitely training for a half marathon, and in about 6 weeks I am going to decide if I want to train for the full or not. I joined a training club called Bay Area Fit. I am actually really excited about this. I figure I can meet some people, get in great shape, and complete something pretty amazing. So Januray 14…Houston Marathon…be there or be square!

I made this page today about my wonderful dirtbag brother. I love it so I am posting it here for all to see. He is truly a dirtbag, and now it has been recorded for all of history and the internet to see. (you should really click on it to make it a little bigger.)

scrapbook 228.jpg

Who knows…maybe it will be in a magazine someday because I am a little bit of a famous scrapbooker afterall.

My page in a magazine

Today Derek made a funny joke. He said “Hey, your mom is the mother of all dirtbags.” Get it?

Have you ever seen a kid as dirty as this?

Dirtiest kid ever

Or one as goofy as this?

silly boy

Or two as precious as this?

the boys of summer

And to end on a totally random note, am I the only who always mistypes busy as busty?

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  1. LOL!!! Is that sidewalk chalk that Logan was eating?!?!? Good luck with the marathon training! I did it once and one time was more than enough for me. Mike and I started to train for another marathon a few years ago and just got to mile 10. I bet the running club will be good accountablity…not to mention all the interesting people you’ll meet!

  2. Ok – First I am so proud of you for the marathon goal! I am very excited and you are going to get so skinny! I need to get to work. Also – Very funny about busty…and the pictures are all so freakin cute! I love you RM.

  3. i have a friend named Mike Reavey and I always type his name as “Reavery”. Weird how our fingers type some things that our brain knows isn’t right. 🙂

  4. That pic of Logan is priceless!
    I’m sooo excited for your trianing…of course this means that my little inner voice that tells me to excercise will be yelling at me again!!! This is a good thing!! I will be there if at all possible on the 14th!! You Go Girl!!!

  5. Megan, you are seriously so talented. Your scrapbooking and photography amazes me everytime. Your pictures honestly look like they’ve come from a magazine, you know how to capture a good image!

  6. So I probably won’t really get another tattoo. Even though I do want another one, I don’t know what exactly I want. And, Derek isn’t so keen on the idea. So unless the perfect tattoo comes to me in a vision and D has a change of heart, there will be no tattoo for Meg. 🙂

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