Call me Suzie Homemaker

I totally rocked in the kitchen today.

My day started off great-I completed my 4 mile marathon training run, and I felt fabulous. One week down, 25 to go. For the first time ever in my life, I am actually enjoying running. There have always been parts I enjoyed-the runner’s high, eating a donut guilt free, and fitting into my pants for example. But I have never enjoyed the actual running part. Today at about mile 3 it hit me-I was actually enjoying myself! Sure, I was blinded by my sweat dripping in my eyes and getting a little bit of a rash where my legs rub together, but I felt great! It makes me think I can actually do this marathon thing. It will certainly be easier if I at least enjoy part of it.

Anyway, I digress…

So I came home all pumped up and decided to head to the grocery store. I picked up all our usual stuff, some fresh blueberries for muffins, and all the fixins’ to make gyros and greek salad with homemade dressing.

Baked up the muffins during nap time…so delish.

Made the gyros…a little nervous about them and the special cucumber sauce… Oh my word were they good! I am usually not a sassy cook at all. I decided since I was making sassy dinner, I needed to set the stage. Nice dishes all around, food in the nice bowls, real silverware, the works. Sometimes I role play in my head, and tonight I was playing the role of “girlfriend cooking for boyfriend for the first time and totally trying to impress him with her mad culinary skills”.

yummy, yummy

ready for dinner

So we are enjoying a nice dinner, laughing, talking about the storm we can hear rolling in…when all of the sudden BAM. Loudest thunder I have probably ever heard in my life. Both boys are freaking out. I spend the rest of our nice dinner with Logan on my lap and holding Connor’s hand.

sweet boys

scared of the thunder

I have to say that the reality of a “nice” dinner with my family is much better than role playing like a girlfriend. My life is good.

7 Replies to “Call me Suzie Homemaker”

  1. FYI: I know they don’t look the coolest…but wear biking shorts under your running shorts. It will REALLY help prevent the “rash from you legs rubbing together”. My thighs didn’t even touch back when I ran a marathon (I was only 18)…and I still had to wear the biker shorts to keep them from chafing. 🙂

  2. Yummy…I did not cook dinner for my family tonight…or yesterday night…or the night before…man – I need some work in the kitchen department.

  3. I’m totally impressed Meg! Seriously – I think you’re my new role model (although you really have been one to me since I became a mommy!).

    Your dinner looks amazing!!!

    That is the sweetest picture of you & the boys….

    You are so blessed!

    Love You… ((hugs))

  4. Ok, so I know that you have been a mom for a long time, but it’s still weird for me to imagine people my age being parents! I guess I’ll be there soon, but I’ll be that lady with the walker and grey hair watching her “child” not “grandshild” walk across the stage. Your family is so cute. I’m happy for you, and the dinner looks amazing. I don’t know that I’ve ever cooked a “pretty” meal for Mitch. At least not when it’s just the 2 of us.

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