I hereby solemnly vow…

If I am ever blessed with a little girl, I will never ever bestow on her a haircut like this! Hello, I am not a boy! And can my mom at least comb my hair before picture day?!


My mom swears this was a professional haircut. If that’s true, the stylist definitely needs to find another career. My teeth were also a nice touch. My buck tooth smile was especially flattering when I was missing my two inscisors.

At least we know that Logan comes byhis snaggle teeth honestly. 🙂

And while I am posting am embarassing childhood picture, how about the oh-so-glamourous Glamourshot, circa 1992.


Those stars add just right right amount of sparkle and shimmer to compliment my pink lipstick and boufant hair.

10 Replies to “I hereby solemnly vow…”

  1. I think I had your glamor shots picture in my wallet until I went to college! I’m sure I still have it somewhere. We thought you looked so gorgeous in those glamor shot pics 😉

  2. OKay, your posts SERIOUSLY make me LOL!!
    I love these photos, Meg!

    This is why my girls have cute pig tails and bows from the moment they have enough hair… I was definitely the victim of one too many “at home” hair dos, LMBO!!!

    Thanks for the fun!

    P.S. It is M&M cookie dough at my house…I have to use up some of those potty bribs, Chrusty (LOL) doesn’t need them anymore!

  3. This cracks me up RM and it makes me want to post some hair blogs – I will see what I can find – I am sure that I can beat the second hair do – definitely not the first – but maybe the second!

  4. all I can say is you are one BODACIOUS, GNARLY, KILLER, TOTALLY TO THE MAX, TRIPPENDICULAR, WAY COOL,WICKED babe. (thats all the 80’s slang I can remember…LOL!)

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