I’ve added a disclaimer


Warning! I am about to blog about poop. If you are easily offended, you might want to skip this post!

So this past weekend we visited my family. My little brother got engaged (post with pics about that coming soon…) Until my pictures of the weekend are ready to post, I will leave you with this delightful story.

So we are enjoying a nice family dinner on Saturday night. Connor was having way too much fun with Mamaw and Pawpaw’s toys, so he had already been excused from the table. He runs by us, exclaiming “I gotta go potty!” He likes to make a public service annoucement, like many kids I’m sure. I few minutes later, he was yelling for help. I get to the bathroom, he looks at me innocently and says,

“I was standing up to pee and I had a little pootie bootie and some poop accidently came out.”

I look on the floor, and sure enough, there is was. A little splatter. He had tried to clean it up himself, and in typical kid fashion had managed to smear it pretty good, rather than get the floor clean. I could not stop laughing! I am sure my mom didn’t think it was that funny-it had shot out with rocket force and there was a tiny bit on her brand new wallpaper! It really wasn’t that big of a mess, which is probably why Derek, my brother and I thought this was the funniest thing that had ever happened. But then again, we are gross like that.

So, thanks Connor, for making Saturday night dinner a little more interesting. And I advise you, my son, to sit to pee next time you think you might have a pootie bootie!

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  1. CLASSIC!!!! That is too funny…stuff like that always makes me laugh. My Miss Amelia had an incident like that in our backyard yesterday.. she was naked and had a, what you call, “pootie bootie”. ROFL!

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