I feel like I am nesting

But I am totally not pregnant.

It’s my sister-in-law’s fault. They recently revamped Justin’s room, organized all the toys, etc. I was so inspired that I have done the same thing. I went to Wal-Mart today, picked up a few rubbermaid containers and a small shelf for Logan’s room and went to town. I have taken down the changing table, moved a bunch of toys out of Connor’s room and into Logan’s, rearranged, put every last lego/matchbox car/train/block, etc. into it’s own container. I have removed all of the boys’ clothes that are too small from their closets. The newborn blankets and junk are packed in a box. The clothes are all in the process of being organized by size, after a thorough look to see if it’s too stained or too ugly for any future children. I feel great! So much accomplished today.

And now I am going to scrap.

But first, here are a few pictures from our weekend home last week. Whenever all 7 little ones are together, we attempt to take a picture of all of them. We were actually fairly successful! It’s amazing what a few peanut m&m’s will do for kids.

The babies. The ones who are still sweet. Well, the other’s are sweet, too, but Max, Kayla, and Logan are especially sweet.
more babies

I told the kids to hug each other. Connor must have thought I said “put your cousin in a choker hold and look like a real psycho.”
nice choker hold, c-man

Abby is so proud that she is following directions. Justin is trying to intervene. And Max is just done.
Max is done

Yes, we realize that Connor has a freakishly large tongue. He is very proud of it.
freakishly large tongue ruining the moment

Madison is a picture super-star.
madison, connor, justin

We almost got them all looking at the camera.
we bribed them

screaming monkeys light on connormax is cute more cousins

5 Replies to “I feel like I am nesting”

  1. I love all the pictures – I was noticing Connor’s freakish tongue and psycho tendancies yesterday when I was looking through them!! He is so funny!
    Love you!

  2. Something is in the air. I am totally cleaning out my house for a garage sale next weekend! It feels so good to get organized and cleaned out (just in time to fill it up again with birthdays and Christmas!)
    Those pictures are AWESOME! You guys did pretty good getting them to all sit for a few shots!

  3. Becky, the one in plaid is Justin, and he belongs to my older brother James-who looks just like Patrick! How funny. The little girl in flowers is James’ daughter, and the other three belong to my step sister Cindi.

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