So living in Houston definitely has it’s downside. I’m going to talk about a big one today.


I hate bugs. I hate cockroaches the most. I throw up in my mouth every time I see one. I’ve seen 4 in our house since we moved here-one time I even had to take care of it myself since Derek wasn’t here. Gag me.

Ants. We keep getting ants in our kitchen no matter how diligently I sweep. I guess all the rain is driving them inside. And the bad thing about Houston ants is they bite.

Mosquitos. ‘Nuff said. They have been espeically terrible this year. As if having to deal with the heat and humidity isn’t enough, we also have to deal with bugs that bite and possibly carry dieseases every time we step outside.

I have a new bug on my list today. I’m not even sure exactly what it is. It’s some species of fly.

It started out innocently enough. We were at the park the other day, and I noticed a few black flies. No biggie. Then I felt something tickle my knee. I assume it’s a mosquito, and I have my hand poised and ready to kill. I glance down and see that it’s not a mosquito. It’s a fly. No, wait. It’s two flies. One on top of the other. Ewww! Totally having sex on my leg! Smash. They were goners. But they left behind some nasty guts on my leg. Or maybe it was spunk. (I almost did a scrapbook page titled spunk. I decided to look it up first, and came to find out that it also means something else besides spirited…look it up…unless you are a 12 year old boy and in that case you probably know what it means, at least according to Derek.)

Anywho. I killed the mating flies and they left guts on me. Gag me again.

So tonight on the way to church, I saw 6 pairs of these mating flies! I guess it’s the day for them. I wonder how they know which day to mate? It’s really a little bit fascinating. As long as they keep their business off my leg!


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  1. I saw mating flies on my back porch a couple of days ago! It must have been national “Flies getting it on” day or something!

    And no, I’m not a 12 year old boy, but yes I do know what the alternate usage for the word “spunk” is… 🙂

  2. too funny! when i was in high school on a trek trip, ryan and I saw two ants having sex- it is so weird to see bugs going at it. When it actually happens on you it is the grossest thing ever!!!!!

  3. Yeah, I agree. Gross. I do need to learn more terminology now that I have two boys myself! I am enjoying reading your blog. How you have the time or energy to blog is inspiring to me…and scrapbook! I love to crop. Keep blogging so I can see your boys and your life. 🙂

  4. Oh, sister, I am with you on the bug thing! I HATE bugs! But just wait until the love bugs (aka f*** bugs) start mating, that is such a treat! When we drove to Galveston last year, they were everywhere, and I mean, millions of them everywhere and they are joined at the butt. . .Oh, the things you have to look forward to!

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