Do you hear that?

That, my friends, is the sound of silence.

Two and a half hours ago, I turned Connor loose. It’s his first day of preschool. It the first time he’s ever been away from me during the day. I know he is going to have so much fun, and I know I am really going to enjoy hanging out with just Logan, and even having some free time while he naps.

But I have a confession to make. As I pulled out of the church driveway, my eyes welled up. For just a moment I thought my heart would burst. It’s the beginning of a whole new chapter in Connor’s life. I can’t even imagine what a mess I will be when he goes to kindergarten!

I have another confession. I always thought the overly-emotional mom was so silly. I worked in a preschool for many years, and I would think to myself, “just get over it. Cut the cord already! It’s not that big of a deal.” It turns out I am totally that mom! I’m the mom with the camera, snapping last minute pictures. I’m the mom telling her child over and over again how much she loves him and how proud she is. I’m that mom who wants one more kiss and one more hug. I’m that mom who desperately wants her baby to look back one more time, because in a way it is her child saying “I still need you, mommy.”

Yup. I’m that mom. And you know what? That is okay.

August 450_1.jpg August 452_1.jpg

11 Replies to “Shhhhh…..”

  1. is it not awful?! I sent Maisy on Wen. mornings for 2 1/2 hours last year and I cried my head off. I am dreading real school.

  2. megan- what a precious picture of connor’s first day! you are such a great mom… and connor’s preschool teacher is going to be blessed that you are sharing him with her class. hope today went great! love, annalee

  3. So I will be like 10 times worse, so get ready for when Brock goes to school. Connor looked precious and I hope you enjoyed your day. By the way, Brock was saying Connor all day today.

  4. I am that mom too!!!
    I used to teach junior high and didn’t get it… I sooooo get it now..
    I wrote about it on my blog.. twice! lol!
    come visit me 🙂

    I found you on blinkofaneye 🙂
    have a super day!

  5. I can’t even imagine how hard that day will be! I cried b/c Brody’s cord fell off and that meant he is no longer a newborn! lol! Those are the cutest pics of Conner 🙂

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